From installation to aftercare: our complete Ground Source Heat Pump service

You may already know Ground Source Heat Pump systems can save you money – not only heating your home but your hot water too. But how do you go about choosing a heat pump company, or the right heat pump system for your home?

Almost anyone with a garden or free external area can have a GSHP borehole system. With Nicholls Boreholes’ complete heat pump installation service, you get a bespoke heat pump system designed especially for your property, installed by one of the UK’s only MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited heat pump companies and project managed from the very first discussion to the testing of the system – including support and maintenance once your project is completed. For more information on our boreholes for GSHPS service click here.

How our heat pump construction, installation and aftercare service works

If you are interested in a ground source heat pump system for your property the first thing that we would require would be plans for your property along with as much information as possible regarding the construction and insulation levels of the building. We would then design a bespoke ground source heat pump system for your project to include sizing the property for a heat pump and calculating the number and depth of boreholes required to run the system efficiently.

Once you decide to go ahead with the project, we provide a complete service from a geological survey, the drilling of the boreholes, installation of the ground loops and pipework to the installation of the heat pump, fitting of underfloor heating where required, commissioning of the system and ongoing support and maintenance contracts. You also have the reassurance of Nicholls Boreholes’ MCS accreditation: is a mark of quality demonstrating compliance to industry standards and the ability to consistently install to the highest quality every time.

Heat pump installation step by step

  • Full design is undertaken and completed
  • Mobilisation of all necessary equipment
  • Drilling and installation of temporary surface casing
  • Drilling to required depth as determined by your design.
  • Pressure testing of ground loops prior to installation.
  • Installation of ground loops
  • Pressure testing of ground loops after installation.
  • Grouting using a suitable thermal borehole grout.
  • Installation of manifold
  • Installation of flow and return pipework
  • Fusion weld and leave with biocide
  • Pressure testing and certification
  • Supply and installation of the gshp with suitable water storage and buffer tanks
  • Commissioning and customer handover 

The benefits of borehole heat pump systems

  • Lower your fuel bills, especially if you are currently using oil or replacing electric heating. It could save up to 70% on your average fuel bill.
  • Lower your homes carbon emissions
  • Provide you with payback from the government’s RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme.
  • No need for fuel deliveries.
  • Will heat your home and your hot water.
  • Needs very little maintenance.
  • Safe, silent, and unobtrusive and can be positioned in your home out of sight
  • Can increase the value of your property
  • Can be installed in older or period properties

Nicholls Boreholes are able to offer a continued maintenance and service contract for your installation.

Take a look at some case studies and find out more about the funding available from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

If you have any questions either click here or call now on 01403 820750 for more information on how a Ground Source Heat Pump system can reduce your heating bills, enable you to benefit from government funding and increase the value of your property.