Case Studies – Boreholes for GSHP

GSHP Borehole case studyBorehole and GSHP

At this property we supplied and installed a ground source heat pump system with boreholes and underfloor heating, along with a water borehole and pumping equipment. As part of the service Nicholls provided they have an annual maintenance contract.
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GSHP Borehole case 2Midhurst, West Sussex

System one installed in 2008 consisting of a 12kw nibe heat pump with 3 boreholes. System two installed in 2010 consisting of 7 boreholes and header works. The installation of a 22kw NIBE heat pump was undertaken by one of Nicholls installation teams. The installed system provides the heating and hot water to the house and also heats the indoor swimming pool. See more information.

GSHP Borehole case chichester-1Chichester, West Sussex

Nicholls Boreholes drilled and installed 2 boreholes at 110 metres and a stiebel ground source heat pump for this eco house and also the underfloor heating system. We also fitted underfloor heating in his garage to maintain constant temperature for the clients classic cars.


GSHP Borehole case horsham 1Horsham, West Sussex

Nicholls boreholes drilled and installed 6 boreholes and headerworks and installed a twin 10kw Stebel Eltron heat pump, which overcame the problem of needing to have 3 phase electricity.



Boreholes for GSHPsReina Group, Camber Sands

We drilled and installed 4 boreholes for ground source heat pumps at this site. This was an interesting job as the only access to the site was along the beach at camber sands, we had to set up the drilling rig on the beach and drilled the boreholes on the beach through the sand. The boreholes were drilled for 2 ground source heat pumps to heat 2 beach houses.


GSHP-case-study-7180x140Wivesfield, East Sussex

Nicholls Boreholes were contacted by OHM Energy a fellow Ground Source Heat Pump Company to drill boreholes for one of their clients based in East Sussex. Nicholls drilled 3 boreholes to a depth of 100 metres and installed 40mm Frank Probes and headerworks for a 14kw heat pump. See more information.


Ground-source-heat-pump-Grafham1Graffham, West Sussex

We were contacted by a local building company, Ceecom Limited, who specialise in the construction of high quality bespoke residential properties requesting a quote for one of their projects in Graffham, West Sussex for a Ground Source Heat Pump System. We had worked with them on several projects over the last few years where we had installed ground source heat pumps with boreholes and underfloor heating. See more information.

Keappock-boreholes-for-GSHPs1Keston, Greater London

We were contacted by our Client to provide a quotation for the installation and supply of a Ground Source Heat Pump system for their refurbishment project of their home.  Nicholls Boreholes have an extensive range of GSHP’s and discuss at length the aims of the client and suggest the most appropriate system for them. See more information.