Products and Equipment

Our products – designed by drillers for drillers

As leading specialists in borehole drilling, water boreholes, soakaway boreholes and ground source heat pump (GSHP) solutions we are fully committed to research and development and our products are sold and exported to specialists within the UK and Europe.

Nicholls Drilling Rigs

Picture of RigsOur equipment is designed to access sites of all sizes with minimum impact.

  • Our drilling rigs can drill to depths of 200m and to a diameter between 100mm and 300mm.
  • We provide and install geothermal boreholes and water borehole drilling and can offer advice on renewable heating and the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive – please see funding section for RHI).
  • Our borehole drillers operate across the South East England providing solutions for domestic, public and commercial users.

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Nicholls Loop Feeder

Nicholls Boreholes have designed and developed a hydraulic loop feeder (patent application number 1108318.5) to assist with the safe and controlled installation of 40mm and 32mm borehole probes. This innovative solution offers the following advantages compared with traditional hand pushing installation techniques.

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Spinning-Jenny2Nicholls Spinning Jeni

Specifically designed for the geothermal installer by experienced installers. Our Spinning Jeni can accommodate most types and size of collector pipe.

The adjustable frame enables the installer to easily dispense and recoil if necessary. Assembly takes approximately 5 minutes and will fit easily into a small van when being transported (disassembled).
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Nicholls Pumper Dumpers

Specifically designed and built by Nicholls for speed and easy manoeuvring around site, which also enables
Pumper-Dumpersus to drill over 200 metres in London clay with ease.