Loop Feeders


Hydraulic Loop Feeder

Nicholls Boreholes have designed and developed a hydraulic loop feeder (patent number 1108318.5) to assist with the safe and controlled installation of 40mm and 32mm borehole probes.

This innovative solution allows the safe installation without staff standing on the drilling rig or other platforms on site (working at height) and therefore saves labour by reducing the need for additional staff at the time of loop installation.

It allows additional controlled pressure to be applied to probes when inserting into boreholes with a drilling fluid and its variable speed allows controlled insertion of probes where the weight of the probe wants to fall into an open borehole, reducing probe tip damage.

Loop Feeders can assist with the removal of a probe where the borehole collapsed at depth and the borehole will require re-drilling. This protects the operative from strain. It can also install and remove grout lines when using a liquid grout to backfill boreholes.

They are compatible with most geothermal drilling rigs and are fully adjustable, hard wearing and more efficient than traditional hand pushing installation technique.

Both double and single loop feeders are available.

To see how simple a loop feeder makes the job, watch the short video.