Agricultural Water Boreholes

Water Storage TankPaying more than £5K a year for water? Find out how your borehole can be fitted free of charge and save you up to 40% on bills. Contact us now to find out more.

Nicholls Boreholes is one of the most experienced supplies of agricultural water boreholes in the UK.

Whatever the size of your agricultural property, a water borehole is likely to save you money and it can now be fitted free of charge if your bills total more than £5K per year, as well as going on saving you up to 40% on your water bills*.

We supply, fit and maintain water boreholes in a wide variety of agricultural properties and our uniquely comprehensive service means our own in-house team handles the entire project, from the initial site survey to the testing of the equipment. Customer service is always our first priority. We explain and communicate with you at every stage, provide all the necessary paperwork and are available whenever you have questions or want to discuss your project. We also offer an ongoing service contract for complete peace of mind.

Thanks to our industry-leading technology and our experienced project management we aim to complete your agricultural water borehole project with the absolutely minimum of disruption to your day to day work.

Agricultural Drilling in fieldTo find out how your own agricultural water borehole could save you money – and benefit from FREE fitting, ask us for a no-commitment quotation by contacting us now.

*Please see our Terms and Conditions.

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