How the water boreholes process works

Interested in a water borehole for your site? Let Nicholls Boreholes take care of the whole project.

Water boreholes

Using our specialist water borehole drilling equipment, we are able to drill to a depth below the ground water level of up to 200m, insert a well casing (to stop the walls collapsing), install a pump (to raise the water to ground level) and then fit it with a cover to protect the ground water supply from pollution.  The cost of this depends on the depth of the hole but a guideline would be from £5,000 to £15,000. However, you can commission your water borehole with no upfront costs or setup fees and no risk – see below*.

Provided less than 20,000 litres of water per day is used (slightly less than a milk tanker holds) a licence is not required. Water boreholes using more than this volume need consent from the Environment Agency and we can assist with obtaining a licence should one be required.

Getting started

If you are interested in a water borehole the first thing that we would recommend is for you to obtain a water borehole prognosis report, to determine at what depth water is expected and the drilling conditions. We outsource this to a hydrologist to give an independent summary and it will involve a desktop study of your site.

In addition to this you could use a water diviner to determine the best location for a water borehole on your site.

We are able to arrange both of these on your behalf and if you would like us to go ahead with either or both services we would need the full site address including postcode. Where possible it is also very helpful if we have a grid reference for your property. If you go to, enter your postcode, find your property on the map and right click, this will give you the grid reference and makes the report accurate for your site.

Once the report is sent to us, which usually takes between 7 and 10 working days, we put together a quotation for you, which we send to you, along with a copy of the report.

If you are happy with the report and our quotation for the water borehole, we will agree a convenient start date for your water borehole project and you can look forward to enjoying the benefits of your own, independent water supply, including a significant saving on your current water bills and a continuous water supply even during water authority drought restrictions.

You can find out more about how the water boreholes process works and our specialist water boreholes service here.

To find out how a water borehole can reduce your current water bills by up to 30%, with no upfront costs, setup fees or risk please ask us for more details on 01403 820750 or contact us.