Nicholls were contacted by a livestock farmer in West Sussex to provide a proposal for designing, supplying and installing a 176 metre water borehole system.  Due to the farm’s location, being situated on the top of the South Downs in an isolated position and with a lack of electrical supply, the water borehole is powered using solar PV (photovoltaic) panels.

Within the plant room there is a back up generator should it be required.  The borehole water is collected in a 20,000 litre water storage tank.  The system has been installed with a chlorine dosing unit to ensure the quality of the water.   In addition to the water borehole system, Nicholls also laid approximately 4,000 metres of water pipe and associated water troughs to ensure the distribution required for the client.

As part of Nicholls’ commitment to customer service, Nicholls provides an annual maintenance service to the farm for complete peace of mind.