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What is a waterwell borehole and its benefits?

A waterwell borehole enables the abstraction of water from your own property, free of chemicals or additives and achieved with the minimum amount of disruption. This could provide drinking water, water for irrigation, agriculture, horticulture, industrial processes and cooling. Your home or company’s own supply of water from your land, can save you money and help reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact of water usage.

What is a deep bore soakaway and its benefits?

Deep bore soakaways are ideal where traditional soakaways won’t work or traditional drainage is too costly. They can be quickly constructed using advanced technology. Deep bore soakaways allow the discharge of storm and surface water into porous geology out of the reach of more traditional methods. Deep bore soakaways are a perfect solution when there is insufficient room to install a crate or herringbone soakaway system or when the surface geology has low porosity.

Water Borehole Solutions

Our Process

At Nicholls we are able to offer complete turn key solutions. We are also happy to undertake individual elements of an overall project.


Our qualified, in house design team are able to assess your needs, design your project and undertake all your technical calculations and drawings.


Our teams of experienced, professional, qualified engineers provide a high standard of installation.


Having a dedicated, in house service department, we understand and support your system long term.

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