At a glance

  • Water for irrigation
  • Abstraction Licence required
  • 110m water borehole
  • Lined with steel and UPVC well liner
  • Purpose built Plant Room
  • Full filtration system
  • 60m³ aeration tank
  • Annual service agreement undertaken by Nicholls Servicing & Maintenance


Our existing client approached Nicholls for a new borehole system at their Youth Academy Training Centre to supply irrigation water for their training pitches.

About the project

Having previously installed a water borehole system at the first team training site for the club, Nicholls were able to use their experience of drilling in the area and dealing with the very high levels of iron found in the water from the sandstone below the site. The borehole was drilled at a diameter of 300mm, to 110m and lined with a 225mm liner. This enabled the correct size borehole pump to be installed to support the flow required.

As part of the contract Nicholls undertook the test pumping for the Environment Agency Abstraction Licence application. The Nicholls Licensing Team assisted with this process.

The system provides up to 20m³ of water per hour for the irrigation system. Removing the iron at this flow rate requires a robust filtration system, which self-cleans and requires minimal maintenance. Installed in a purpose built Plant Room with 60m³ aeration tank which oxidizes the iron in the water before being removed by the filtration system. Nicholls’ in house team designed, installed and continues to maintain the system for the club.

We have used Nicholls for several projects ranging from borehole installations and filtration at the first team training ground and subsequently at our Academy site. They continue to look after our system longer term.”

Michael Dobson, Academy Grounds Manager