Open Loop, Heating & Cooling System at Runnymede Hotel, Egham, London

At a glance


  • Phase 1 currently installed to meet RHI criteria, 87kW heat pump to pre-heat all domestic hot water.
  • Subsequent phase to 450kW output.
  • Three floating pods in River Thames each contain submerged pumps that feed the heat pump and irrigation system.


  • Offsets 87,643CO₂e per year
  • Ongoing monitoring and servicing from Nicholls
  • Twenty years of non domestic RHI
  • Ability to upscale heat pumps to 450kW


Nicholls were asked by the 180 bedroom Runnymede Hotel to design, supply and install an Open Loop heating and cooling system to support the hotel’s high heating/cooling and hot water demand.  Phase One of the project to support the hot water system with the ability to expand the system in the future. 

About the project

Due to the close proximity of the River Thames Nicholls designed a system to utilise the river water for the Ground Source Heat Pump system.  The river pods were designed to move with the height of the river water.  The abstraction pumps are capable of extracting enough water to support a 450kW Heat Pump system in the future. 

Award winning

This collaborative project received a Highly Commended Award at the South East Energy Efficiency Awards in June 2022. This award recognises the efforts of all those involved in delivering a successful large scale energy saving project, while maintaining excellent customer service that demonstrates a high standard of quality workmanship throughout the project.

“…Throughout the design process the Nicholls team were thorough, diligent, open
minded, collaborative and communicative…”
“Based on my experience of working with Nicholls I would not hestiate to consider
appointing them again and indeed am starting on a new project with them shortly.”

Robert Kenworthy, Group Facilities Director