At a glance

  • 2 water boreholes
  • Chlorine dosing
  • Gravity fed
  • Ongoing Service and Maintenance
  • Experienced contractor


To install a new water borehole system to supply potable water for a farm and cottages, which includes a small village in the heart of Sussex.

About the project

The Nicholls boreholes drilling team installed a deep steel lined borehole targeting the lower greensand to compliment an existing chalk well & provide a solution to ongoing hardness issues around the estate. Blending the two supplies offers a combined water chemistry that has improved the quality to the end user. The blended supply is chlorinated then delivered to a large header tank which gravity feeds various properties.

As part of the wider project on the estate, Nicholls also drilled a second chalk well & upgraded a system that supplies livestock with water from the borehole via a storage and booster pump system.

Our client continues to be supported by Nicholls Service team with planned and reactive maintenance, servicing & water testing.

“We have had two boreholes installed by Nicholls and they have given us competent and professional support.”