At a glance

  • Historic Property Retro Fit
  • 19kW Heat Pump
  • Open Loop System
  • Experienced Installer
  • Reduced Costs
  • Service Contract


Nicholls were asked to assess the property for the viability of installing a Ground Source Heat Pump system to supply all the heating and the hot water required for the property to help reduce their carbon footprint and move away from oil and potentially leaking oil tanks by the river.  After consultation with our client and a site visit, we established that the property was suitable for a GSHP system and calculated that a 19kW Valiant Heat Pump was the perfect fit. 

About the project

Our experienced Design Team worked closely with the Nicholls Licensing Team to design the Open Loop GSHP system.  All relevant permissions were obtained from the Environment Agency to enable our client to use the river water for the heat source.  This system also benefitted our client by reducing the capital cost and saving them over £10,000, compared to having a closed loop borehole collector system.

Our experienced installers fitted the plantroom, including the heat pump, titanium heat exchanger and the bespoke self-cleaning abstraction system in the river.  This abstraction system is designed to reduce maintenance costs.  

Our client also benefits from Nicholls Servicing and Maintenance Department with an annual maintenance contract and 7 year warranty for the heat pump. 

“Pipework like a piece of art, unfortunately covered up by insulation”

Mr B, Client, Berkshire