Talking Waterwells

On Friday 3rd August, Nicholls Director, Ben Nicholls was invited onto BBC Sussex radio to talk with Dominic Busby about the many benefits of water boreholes and the massive surge in demand for alternative water supplies especially over the recent weeks of Britain’s heatwave.  Ben confirmed that some of us sit on top of an aquifer so wells can be drilled into them and water pumped out which he has supplied for gardens, schools, laundries, private houses, golf courses and others who just wanted their own private water supply.  Ben explained that Nicholls do research for clients prior to drilling by using either a hydro geologist or a water diviner/dowser.  Dominic laughed at the idea of using dowsing rods saying “are you talking about coat hangers” as he thought that with 2 sweaty hands and 2 coat hangers, they would surely slide about anyway!”  Ben reassured him that dowsers had been used for 100’s of years at which time it took them about a year to drill one well so the dowser had to be accurate.

The interview was followed up by Dominic with a call to one of Nicholls’ customers, Phil Cunningham of Danes Hill School, Oxshott who confirmed that he was extremely happy with their 120 metre borehole which provide irrigation to their grounds including their cricket squares. Phil quoted “it was our plan to make everything profitable in the way we look after our grounds.  It was a successful venture without a doubt.”

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