Nicholls Boreholes drilled their first water borehole in West Sussex in 2007 which was a relatively simple borehole and pump for a farm.  Over the last 15 years we have designed, supplied and installed 700 water borehole systems.  These systems have been for a wide range of clients from small domestic boreholes to enable the client to water their gardens and roses, through to leading premiership football clubs who require water for irrigating their pitches.  As the business has grown we have been able to undertake more complicated projects in a variety of geologies.  Our in house design team have the expertise to provide all of the appropriate borehole pumping, filtration and distribution requirements for our projects.  With water becoming a more valuable resource, our enquiries continue to increase year on year.  Our customers recognise the carbon and cost savings of having their own private water supply. 

Did you know?  Having your own borehole producing 20m³ a day could save over £12,000 per year on water costs and reduce your carbon footprint by up to 80% relative to mains water usage.