At a glance

  • Retrofit
  • System design
  • 25 kW Clausius Heat Pump
  • 4 x 120 metre boreholes
  • BUS grant
  • Ongoing service and maintenance


As part of the modernisation and refurbishment works to the property, our client contacted Nicholls for the initial feasibility assessment to understand better whether a GSHP system would be suitable.
The client also wanted to replace their existing system for environmental reasons.

About the project

The Nicholls in house design team assessed the property and undertook all the necessary heat loss calculations and went on to design, supply and install a 25 kW inverter driven GSHP system to provide all the heating and hot water requirements for the building.
As Nicholls are an MCS Accredited Installer we were able to obtain a grant to support the cost of the installation for our client.


“We contacted Nicholls after being told by our developer/builder that the main heating supply to our new house would be oil. This coincided with the massive rise in costs for oil and gas. We were looking for a “green” source, researched both air and ground and decided that ground source was more reliable and would also be constant the whole year round. Nicholls came round to the property and guided us through the whole process and also the savings we would ultimately make. Once we gave them the go ahead Nicholls then completed the whole task almost exactly as they had promised.
We would recommend both Nicholls and ground source heating to anyone looking to make a change from the standard heating products.”