At a glance

  • 132 homes
  • 137 metre borehole
  • Distribution pumping system
  • Annual testing and maintenance
  • EHO support
  • Cost saving


As part of the redevelopment of their site, our client needed to increase their water supply which couldn’t be done through their existing mains, as the mains supply was insufficient to meet their needs.  Our client also wanted to reduce their overall running costs and carbon footprint.

About the project

Eight years ago Nicholls were employed to design, supply and install a new potable water supply for the site.  We installed a 137 metre steel lined water borehole into the chalk , along with the required iron filtration and distribution pumping set up to supply water to all 132 homes. 

The water borehole was artesian, meaning that the water naturally comes from the borehole with it’s own pressure from the ground.

Nicholls Service and Maintenance team continue to support the system with an annual maintenance contract and emergency call out facility. 

We also support the client with their EHO requirements and liaison.


“We have been working with Nicholls Boreholes for 8 years and they have provided us with an excellent service throughout. We have been thoroughly impressed with the quality and reliability of the system and found the Nicholls team to be both friendly and knowledgeable. I would have no hesitation to recommend them to other customers.”

H Simmons, Owner