At a glance


  • One 70 m water borehole for golf course irrigation


  • Reliable carbon saving supply
  • Long term cost savings
  • Sustainability
  • No chemicals or additives are in the ground water so the greens will see the benefit
  • Experienced contractor
  • Ongoing servicing


Nicholls Boreholes were asked to assess the viability of an irrigation water borehole to help with the ever rising cost of mains water currently used to irrigate the golf course. Many golf courses have recognised the benefits of having a water borehole to supply their irrigation as this is far more economical and
allows for more control versus a mains water supply. As mains water prices continue to increase our client will continue to see savings year on year.

About the project

Nicholls worked closely with the client to understand their individual requirements and we were able to offer a bespoke system. We enabled Whiteleaf to integrate their existing system with the new borehole supply. After assessing the geology Nicholls designed, supplied and installed a 70 metre water borehole. This borehole will allow the club to abstract up to 20,000 litres per day. Nicholls also supplied and installed the pump and controls along with a new 50,000 litre water storage tank. This will help the club manage their watering programme, keeping the club greens and fairways looking their best.

“We would like to say thank you to the entire Nicholls team. We were very impressed with the teams that came on site. They were all very friendly, professional and respectful of our environment and needs – it’s not easy working on a golf course!”

Bob Barnes, Chair of Greens, Whiteleaf Golf Club in Buckinghamshire