At a glance


  • Licensing
  • 1 No. 245m steel lined borehole system


  • Long term cost saving
  • Self sufficiency
  • Good water quality & simple installation
  • Our knowledge & experience
  • Reliable contractor


Nicholls Boreholes were engaged to licence, design, supply, install and maintain a new water borehole system for the school to save costs and support their irrigation system, which keeps their grounds looking amazing.

About the project

Due to the required daily water usage an Abstraction Licence was required from the Environment Agency (EA) for the school.  Our Nicholls Licensing and Consulting team undertook all aspects for the client.  After reviewing the geology, Nicholls installed a 243m deep water borehole into the chalk below the site.  Targeting the best quality water available. The borehole was then tested to EA standards before the appropriate pumping system was installed to fill the irrigation storage tanks.  No filtration was required as a result of the great quality water. The client now benefits from ongoing licensing support and servicing by our in house Service Team.

“We are delighted with our decision to partner with Nicholls Boreholes for the installation of a borehole and irrigation system at Reeds School. Their expertise and dedication were evident throughout the project, ensuring that our water supply and irrigation needs were met with precision and efficiency. This initiative seamlessly aligns with Reeds School’s environmental strategy, as it allows us to reduce our reliance on traditional water sources and minimize our environmental footprint. Nicholls Boreholes’ commitment to sustainable solutions has not only improved our campus infrastructure but also contributed significantly to our mission of fostering a more eco-conscious future. We wholeheartedly recommend them as the perfect choice for projects like ours.”

Thomas Woods, Project Manager, Reeds School