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Closed Loop Installation

At Nicholls Boreholes & Ground Source our award winning team offers a turn key solution for your GSHP closed loop installation. We can drill single or multiple boreholes at variable depths. Our biggest system so far included 50 boreholes at 200m depth each. Our installers undertake the laying of pipes, fusion welding, pressure testing and certification of the system using the best practice and highest quality materials.

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Closed Loop Installation

Residential Closed-loop Installation

Our team has unrivalled experience of installing ground source heat pumps on residential or domestic sites and our compact drilling equipment (some as narrow as 4’ wide) can be used to drill even on cramped garden sites. We have developed some of the cleanest and most efficient systems in the industry.

Although GSHPs are very much associated with country properties, we are increasingly asked to install them at town properties, including homes in central London.

Not all our GSHPs are installed in modern properties.  Owners of older and period properties are discovering their benefits and we are now frequently connecting GSHPs to conventional gas/oil or electric central heating systems.

Whatever your specific needs, our focus on client service and efficient project management means the disruption to your home will be minimal and we will communicate with you at every stage of the project. From a group of luxury flats in Brighton to a small garden in North London, our team offers a unique and bespoke service in residential GSHPs.

We are MCS accredited installers of Ground Source Heat Pumps.  For a domestic system The Boiler Upgrade Scheme provides £6,000 for installing a GSHP provided certain criteria are met.

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Commercial Closed-loop Installation

Our experience of working on commercial sites combined with our specialist borehole drilling and geothermal heating expertise makes us the ideal choice to install your commercial GSHP.

Unlike many companies we offer a totally comprehensive service from heat pump installation to commissioning, as well as providing the option of ongoing maintenance and support.

We will visit and assess the area for the proposed borehole.

We obtain a geological report to ascertain ground conditions for heat pump boreholes.

With our own staff and equipment we drill the borehole, install all the necessary components and ground loops ready for connection and installation of the heat pump and commissioning.

We use some of the cleanest drilling techniques available and our compact equipment helps reduce disruption to other workers on your site.

Our experience ensures the techniques we use are right for the specific geology. Our research enables us to supply collectors with complete confidence, always pressure tested and certificated if required. Ground loops are grouted in the most appropriate way for the geology and water levels, ensuring maximum conductivity to the surrounding ground.  We also fusion weld the ground loops ensuring maximum longevity for the system.

All our staff are thoroughly committed to working in a commercial environment. All have CSCS cards and are up to date on the required health and safety tests.

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Did you know that we offer servicing and maintenance?

We can provide a comprehensive maintenance program for your system.

Closed Loop Maintenance