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Deep Bore Soakaway Installation

As a specialist borehole drilling company, our experience in this area is extensive and we can advise you on the feasibility of installing a deep bore drainage soakaway and also take care of the entire project from site survey to the handover to your groundworks contractor.

Where a traditional style of soakaway isn’t possible because of geological or site conditions or where the installation of traditional drainage will be too costly, a deep bore soakaway can provide a practical alternative.

The soakaway borehole drilling is a similar process to that of water borehole drilling and we use British Standard casing.

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Soakaway Installation

Hydraulic Loop Feeder

Over ten years ago Nicholls Boreholes designed and developed a hydraulic loop feeder (patent number 1108318.5) to assist with the safe and controlled installation of borehole probes. We install 40mm as standard and other sizes on special request.

This innovative solution allows the safe installation without staff standing on the drilling rig or other platforms on site (working at height) and therefore saves labour by reducing the need for additional staff at the time of loop installation.

It allows additional controlled pressure to be applied to probes when inserting into boreholes with a drilling fluid and its variable speed allows controlled insertion of probes where the weight of the probe wants to fall into an open borehole, reducing probe tip damage.

Loop feeders can assist with the removal of a probe where the borehole collapsed at depth and the borehole will require re-drilling. This protects the operative from strain. It can also install and remove grout lines when using a liquid grout to backfill boreholes.

They are compatible with most geothermal drilling rigs and are fully adjustable, hard wearing and more efficient than traditional hand pushing installation technique.

Both double and single loop feeders are available.

Nicholls have over ten years of experience of installing loop feeders and we also sell them for installation all over the world.

To see how simple a loop feeder makes the job, watch this short video.


Nicholls Spinning Jeni’s are made of steel for strength and are galvanised to give them a long life. As they are adjustable they are very versatile whilst easy to assemble. As they come dismantled they are easy to transport. Spinning Jeni’s not only save time, but money on labour saving and are easy to maintain. Additionally they are British made.

Spinning Jeni Specifications:

Reel size: Diameter min 50cm, Max 200cm

Depth 80cm (with reel handle attached)


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Did you know that we offer servicing and maintenance?

We can provide a comprehensive maintenance program for your system.

Deep bore soakaway maintenance

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