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Waterwell borehole installation

At Nicholls Boreholes & Ground Source our expert team offers a turn key solution for your waterwell borehole system installation whatever the intended use. We can provide and install suitable filtration systems from irrigation through to a potable supply. We have installed systems for many different scenarios which have included residential housing developments, agricultural and horticultural processes, domestic and commercial irrigation, dairy farms, laundries, breweries, golf courses, fisheries and sports grounds.

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Waterwell borehole installation

Waterwell Installation

Our highly experienced borehole drilling teams with a combined experience of over 100 years are able to undertake some of the most complex installations regarding waterwell design.  Having completed over 500 water borehole installations Nicholls has the right team for your project.  Each project is assigned an in house Project Manager to help ensure that the project is run as smoothly as possible and coordinated correctly.  We currently operate 5 different drilling rigs and crews, with each machine offering different benefits from very compact 5 ton drilling rigs through to 20 ton self loading drilling rigs.  This enables Nicholls to be able to undertake most projects of all sizes.  Some of our equipment is able to drill in excess of 500 metres.

Our designated in house Pump Installation Teams are highly experienced and have all the specialist equipment required to test pump your borehole and install the permanent pumping system.  Should any filtration be required for your water (depending on end usage) our in house team can design, supply and install all the necessary equipment and tanks if required.  Please contact Nicholls for further details.

How your own water borehole works

We start with an expert assessment of whether it is possible to access groundwater beneath your site. If it is, we drill to a maximum depth of 500 metres, reinforce the walls, install a pump to bring the water to the surface and a cover to keep your water source clean. If your borehole is going to supply drinking water, we can include purification equipment if required and your borehole water can replace your incoming mains supply or run alongside it. Call or email us now for more information.  All this is done with the absolute minimum of disruption by your dedicated project team. We are contactable and keep you in touch at every stage and our focus is on completing your water borehole on time and on budget.  Your waterwell borehole and the water it delivers is then thoroughly tested and we offer an annual service contract for complete peace of mind.


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Need help with licensing?

Nicholls LC undertake regular licensing work associated with ground water resource management.  On behalf of our clients, Nicholls’ experienced team work with the Environment Agency and regulators to secure permission to proceed with regulated activities.

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