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Heat Pump Front PanelA Ground Source Heat Pump uses stored solar energy from the ground to heat your home. (Although it is often called geothermal heating, it is usually stored solar energy rather than ‘hot rock’ energy.) The ground source heat pump transfers the energy to your home where it can be used to heat it, or cool it in the summer.

As borehole drilling and geothermal heating specialists, Nicholls Boreholes can take care of every aspect of your GSHP project from the drilling of your borehole to the heat pump installation and the installation of your underfloor heating.

Experienced in retrofitting

Although GSHPs are often associated with rural ‘Grand Designs’ type properties where underfloor heating is the norm, we regularly install GSHPs at older and period properties with conventional gas or electric central heating.

Ground source heat pumps have many benefits.

They can save you up to 70% on your heating bills.

They take advantage of a completely free, totally renewable form of energy.

They have virtually no environmental impact and reduced CO2 emissions.30---Underfloor-heating

Maintenance costs are low.

They can add value to your property.

They are compatible with most modern heating systems.

They are easy to use.

Service and aftercare

Unlike many companies, we provide a complete, end to end service using our own in house staff. We will visit and assess the area for the proposed borehole and obtain a geological report to ascertain ground conditions for your heat pump borehole. With our own staff and equipment we will drill the borehole, install all the necessary components and ground loops ready for connection and installation of the heat pump and commissioning.

Then, when your GSHP is tested and ready to use, we can offer you an ongoing servicing support and maintenance agreement, for complete peace of mind.

Stiebel-EltronNicholls Boreholes are MCS accredited installers of Ground Source Heat Pumps giving you access to Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Payments. And we only install the very highest quality GSHPs namely Nibe, VaillantStiebel Eltron, Valliant and Kensa. As we are approved installers of these manufacturers, we are able to offer extended warranties on servicing and parts ranging from 5 to 7 years depending on the type and model of the Ground Source Heat Pump that is installed, which all adds to the peace of mind for our customers.

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