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A Water Borehole after installationIf we can access ground water on your land, a water borehole can be created to provide you with a continuous water supply. In fact it’s a modern solution that does the job of age-old water wells but brings the water to the surface for you.

In addition to drinking, the water can also be useful for gardens and irrigation purposes as a practical alternative to mains water. Once your system is in place, hefty water bills become a thing of the past. Boreholes are also a cleaner source of water and a more environmentally-friendly method of water extraction.

The Nicholls Boreholes waterwell service

Our priority at all times is to manage the completion of your waterwell as smoothly as possible and with the minimum of disruption and our own in-house team will take care of every aspect of the project, discussing options and keeping you fully informed at every stage.

We start by providing you with advice, an assessment of the location (not all land is suitable for borehole drilling) and a free estimate. If less than 20,000 litres of water per day is used (almost the capacity of a milk tanker!) a licence is not needed, but if it is, we will assist with this. We obtain a water prognosis report from the most suitable hydrologists or we can use a more traditional method and dowse for water.

With our own staff and equipment we then drill below the ground water level up to 200m, insert a well casing to line the walls and install all the necessary components, leaving you with your own water supply. A cover is fitted so the water does not get polluted and we install equipment for water treatment to ensure the water is suitable for drinking if required.

Waterwell InstalledWe have a range of drilling equipment for industrial and domestic projects, some as narrow as 4 foot wide, enabling us to work effectively even where space is restricted. We also use some of the cleanest drilling techniques available. Find out more about how the water borehole process works.

Service and aftercare

We take care of any paperwork needed for completion of your borehole, including notifying the British Geological Survey (BGS) of our intent to drill the water borehole. On completion we send you and the BGS a completed borehole record. We test your borehole system once it is completed and offer an annual service agreement on all our systems. Nicholls Boreholes is an experienced family business covering a large area of the South East including West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, London, Berkshire and other areas of the UK and we have a wealth of experience and knowledge of local geological conditions and borehole potential. For more information on our Water Borehole (Waterwell) service click here>

We can save you up to 95% on your current water costs when installing a new private water supply.  We can save you upto 40% on your water bills with no upfront costs.
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