Private water supplies

A private water supply is one which is not provided by a water company.

10---Natural-Swimming-PoolA Private Water Supply for Domestic Purposes

This can be achieved by installing your own water borehole (also known as waterwell boreholes) which offer many benefits:

  • Saving you money on water bills
  • Avoiding water authority restrictions during droughts
  • Reducing your carbon emissions
  • Adding value to your property

In addition to drinking, the water can also be useful for gardens and irrigation purposes as a practical alternative to mains water making hefty water bills a thing of the past. Also a private water supply provides a cleaner source of water and as a method of water extraction is more environmentally-friendly. For more information on private water supplies for residential purposes click here>

A Private Water Supply for Commercial Purposes

17.-Golf-course-water-boreholeWe have installed many waterwell boreholes to provide a private water supply for commercial use. These include golf courses, farms, football and rugby clubs, hospitals, leisure centres, schools and garden centres amongst others to provide irrigation and in some cases, drinking water. For more information on private water supplies for commercial purposes click here>

Nicholls Boreholes have drilled and installed over a thousand boreholes providing a private water supply. We deliver a uniquely comprehensive service with our own in-house team undertaking every aspect of your project from site survey to final checks and aftercare service.