Residential Water Boreholes

Rig being craned inOur experience and expertise in creating residential water boreholes for private properties is second to none as is our reputation for project management and customer service.

A water borehole on your property has a number of benefits. By providing your own, independent source of water from your own land it will start saving you money from the moment it is completed. You will no longer be affected by local water authority hosepipe bans and your borehole will give you a cleaner, more eco-friendly source of water that can add value to your property too.

Water boreholes for towns including Central London

Although water boreholes are associated with rural areas, customers with town properties are discovering their benefits too. With our clean, compact drilling equipment (which can be as little as 5 foot wide) we can create water boreholes even in confined town gardens in central London. A recent project in West London illustrates how a 200m waterwell borehole was installed to provide irrigation for the property.

Waterwell InstalledHow your own waterwell borehole works

We start with an expert assessment of whether it is possible to access groundwater beneath your site. If it is, we drill to a maximum depth of 300 metres, reinforce the walls, install a pump to bring the water to the surface and a cover to keep your water source clean. If your borehole is going to supply drinking water, we can include purification equipment if required and your borehole water can replace your incoming mains supply or run alongside it. Call us on 01403 820750 or email us now for more information.

All this is done with the absolute minimum of disruption by your dedicated project team. We are contactable and keep you in touch at every stage and our focus is on completing your water borehole on time and on budget.

Your waterwell borehole and the water it delivers is then thoroughly tested and we offer an annual service contract for complete peace of mind.

Your first step

If you are interested in having your own residential water borehole, simply contact us now. We will arrange to do a simple survey of your property to work out whether ground water can be accessed. If it can, we will discuss the options in the more detail and supply you with a detailed, no-obligation quotation. Why not call us on 01403 820750 now and find out more?

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