About Deep Bore Soakaways

Deep bore soakawaysWhere a traditional style of soakaway won’t work because of geological or site conditions, or where the installation of traditional drainage will be too costly, a deep bore soakaway provides a practical alternative.

The soakaway borehole drilling is a similar process to that of water borehole drilling and we use British Standard casing.

The Nicholls Boreholes deep bore soakaway service

We aim to make the installation of your deep bore soakaway as simple as possible, with the absolute minimum of disruption. All work is undertaken by our own in-house team and we keep you informed at every stage as well as being available to answer questions or give you updates.

We provide you with advice, a no-obligation site assessment and a free, no-obligation quotation. Then, if you decide to go ahead with your deep bore soakaway, our service includes:

• All relevant health and safety information and requirements.
• Drilling using rotary air/mud drilling techniques to the required depth.
• Installation of the relevant liner using perforated for lower section and solid above (to allow the borehole to be sealed correctly.
• Installation of suitable gravel pack to support the liner and allow easy percolation.
• Grouting of the borehole.
• Testing for flow rates and access.
• Supplying and fitting of the siphon head.

Usually the installation of the relevant chambers required is carried out by the groundworks contractor.

Deep Bored Soakaway finishedService and aftercare

We take care of any paperwork needed for completion of your borehole and, for complete peace of mind, we offer a rolling annual maintenance contract.

To find out more simply call us on 01403 820750 or email us now.

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