Ground Source Heat Pump Systems general service

The Nicholls Boreholes Ground Source Heat Pump Systems Service Agreement – How it works and what it does

Nicholls Boreholes have been installing GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pump) Systems for over 8 years, throughout Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and the Home Counties. In that time we have worked on hundreds of GSHP systems and provided a call-out service to most types of system regardless of who installed them.

We are also pleased to offer an annual maintenance agreement. At each visit we undertake this detailed step by step procedure:

  1. The Glycol index is checked (the heat transfer efficiency of the Glycol will attenuate over time, and will eventually require full replacement. When this is needed, we advise the client in advance of the cost per litre).
  2. The Glycol is topped up and the pressure is adjusted if needed.
  3. All equipment is given a visual check
  4. Plant room filters are all cleaned
  5. Heat pump settings are checked in detail and any necessary adjustments made*
  6. Underfloor heating manifold flow rates are checked (if applicable)
  7. The system is checked for any stored alarm messages
  8. The hot water cylinder is given a full service
  9. The operation and setting of thermostats is thoroughly checked*.

*Client attendance for these procedures is suggested, as settings can be adjusted based on client feedback from the year’s operation.

Emergency Call-Outs

Nicholls Boreholes’ heating engineers will visit clients out of hours (Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm, excluding Bank Holidays) – price on request.

If any system components are found to be functioning incorrectly, we will make you aware of this, and discuss whether a repair can be undertaken, or if a replacement part is necessary.

After each visit a Service Report will be completed and signed (if on site), confirming the service has taken place, and letting you know if any further action is required.

We will write to you each year as a reminder that your system is due for a service.

As approved suppliers for the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) we also help our clients to access funding relating to the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) where it is recommended that you have an annual service (OFGEM states “As a general principle we require the equipment to be maintained in line with manufacturer instructions where available.”

Some of our clients include a Swedish self-build construction company in East Sussex; a Coastguard Rescue Station in Hampshire; a Lifeboat Station on the Isle of Wight; a nature reserve in Sussex and high-end buildings in Chelsea and central London. We also drill, install and maintain ground source heat pump systems in Berkshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. For an example of our GSHP service click here>

For more information about Nicholls Boreholes Ground Source Heat Pump systems service agreements or to arrange a time for us to undertake a service of your GSHP system, please email us or call us on 01403 820750.