Water Boreholes General Service

The Nicholls Boreholes Water Boreholes Service Agreement – How it works and what it does

As one of the leading water borehole drilling contractors in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and beyond, Nicholls Boreholes have installed and serviced hundreds of water borehole pumping systems with filtration. We also offer annual borehole servicing for most systems, whether or not we installed them ourselves. By taking out a service agreement for annual maintenance, you have the peace of mind of knowing your system is regularly checked using our 5-point step by step procedure:

    1. Resistance and insulation testing of the borehole pump motor and cable
    2. Inspection of the controls, with adjustment where necessary
    3. Checking of the flowrate and pressure, with adjustments made if needed
    4. Parts replaced as required for the above

A water sample taken if required

Emergency Call-Outs

Nicholls Boreholes’ water engineers can visit clients out-of-hours (Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm, excluding Bank Holidays) – price on request.

Nicholls Boreholes have extensive experience in most types of filtration including reverse osmosis ultra violet, chlorination dosing, particle filtration, iron, manganese, ammonia, nitrate, PH correction, water softening and many more.

We will write to you each year as a reminder that your system is due for a service. Once a service is requested we will write to you again confirming the cost of any parts required for your specific system.

After each visit a Service Report will be completed by our water engineer and signed (if on site), confirming the service has taken place, and advising if any further action is required. If any system components are found to be functioning incorrectly, we will make you aware of this, and discuss whether a repair can be undertaken or a replacement unit is necessary.

Borehole water can change over time, and therefore to ensure the water still conforms to drinking water standards, we recommend all potable (drinking water) supplies are tested annually. We will also offer you a water analysis at time of servicing.

Some of our Service Clients include Equine Centres in Oxfordshire and Surrey; organic farms in Kent; Golf Courses in Cheshire, London and East Sussex; Football Clubs in Hampshire; pig farmers in West Sussex and numerous domestic clients in the South East and beyond. For an example of our Water Boreholes Service click here>

To arrange a time for us to undertake a service, or for more information about our water borehole servicing please email us or call us on 01403 820750.